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Because it's now no longer an option


Dear School Officials:

We welcome you to Exit Public Schools (EPS) and hope and pray you will consider joining hands and arms with us!

If you have read our home page or received our letter or are simply reasonably in tune with today's news, you understand that, no thanks to Obama Administration policies and the recent executive order mandating (if you will) transsexuals and other misguided souls to use school bathrooms, locker rooms and changing facilities pertaining to who they may think they are and not their birth sex, public school children, particularly females, are potentially at risk of sexual assault or worse. Public schools have over decades been dumbed down, educationally speaking and in certain districts, have promoted homosexuality and other deviant sexual acts as normal and healthy, not to mention giving Planned Parenthood access to our kids, both in classroom settings and other activities. Add to that the countless numbers of school districts banning voluntary prayer and Bible reading and the endless lawsuits from the ACLU and Freedom from Religion Foundation against both good and bad schools and school districts and there's only one conclusion you can reasonably draw.

America's public school system is morally bankrupt and no longer salvageable.

Of course, for those of you who have been doing what you're doing for a long time (perhaps even more so if you operate a Christian school), this is nothing new to you. You realize that your alternative school is there to provide a counter to the current failing system with a quality education and a strong curricula based on fact and truth and not propaganda. If you are operating a Christian school, then you are likely integrating your curricula with Christian principles and values. Those values are under great assault in many states and particularly our federal government. Make no mistake, the Obama Administration and states like California under the Brown Administration have great disdain for what you are doing and are actively working to regulate and undermine what you do. They are not content to just control the nation's public schools. They want to restrict what you teach, what you believe and what you do. This used to not be the case. Dictators like Obama & Jerry Brown are not content to just have control of everything public. They want to control the private sector and impose (by fiat, if they can) their will upon your schools. They may not be able to do so but they sure are going to try. They must be thwarted at all costs.

And one way we send a message to Washington, Sacramento and other leftist cities with its leftist public schools is this:

Your students are no longer yours. They are heading to alternative schools - private, parochial, Christian and others.

And some will be home schooled.

But for those of you who manage, run, direct or otherwise lead a non-public school, you stand to greatly benefit from what EPS is doing.

We are no illusion that every single public school student will end up in an alternative setting. I wish that was not the case but it is. However, our goal is to substantially deplete the public school system where it will collapse. And the process for that will start this 2016-17 school year. And this is where you will come in.

We are also keenly aware that not every non-public school will be able to accommodate every child we seek to have placed. Some of your schools are small in size. Others have limited building size or personnel. Still others have limited financial wherewithal and means. But to the extent you have space in your classrooms, we will seek to fill them to capacity, if at all possible. We don't want one private, parochial or otherwise non-public school to have one vacancy.

In short, if you are open for business (educationally speaking), we are open to ensure your school operations are fully operational. We will turn away no school who believes in our mission and wants to help fulfill it but we will need some information about your school in order to place students. And if your school has been blest in at least a small way to help out those parents who may want to put their child or children in your school but are financially short in being able to meet your school's tuition needs, we want to bring both parties together.

In the next few days, we will be putting together a form for you to complete and send back to us. We will need this info in order to understand how your school operates and the standards and requirements it expects from any new students brought your way. We will never expect your school to lower its morals or standards of excellence needed for new students to enroll but if it can accommodate in small ways like with tuition costs or working with special needs kids (provided it has the capabilities to do so), such could very well go a long way.

Check back for the rest of this page and more details in the next few days.