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Exit Public Schools.COM & .NET

Because it's now no longer an option

Parents of Public School Children: This is Your Moment to Make the Supreme Difference of Your Life & Theirs

​​Dear Parents of America's Public School Children:

If you are reading this page, it's hopefully because you have come to the conclusion that today's public school system is no longer rehabilitatable and want to do something to dramatically alter your child(ren)'s life/lives for the better. For decades, it was hoped that the elements of evil that have made their way thru school corridors and into the classroom could be stopped and removed so kids could have a quality education without its subversive elements. Those subversive elements include (but are not confined to):

  • Evolution, to the exclusion of Creation (or other theories)
  • Islam, to the exclusion of Christianity and Judaism, America's dominant religions
  • Homosexuality, promoting concepts like "gay is good" and all sexual lifestyles are equal
  • Bringing Planned Parenthood into the schools, both in a teaching role as well as a referral source
  • Being told that Bible reading, sharing and prayer are impermissible, even during non-instruction time

All of these and more have generally fallen under one umbrella: the perpetual undermining of the role and right of parents to raise their children the way they see fit without government indoctrination, meddling and ridicule of traditional values. Whether it be thru litigation in the courts, meetings with school officials or efforts thru state legislatures and Congress, We the People have given it far more than a fair shot for the public school system to be fixed in a way that is equitable for all

Well, the Obama Administration has now succeeded in doing just that - but not in the way any of us in our wildest dreams could imagine. We're being told that anyone in the public school system (primarily students but it could be easily interpreted to mean any school official) could use any bathroom, locker room or showering area of their choice, based on their gender identity (i.e. whichever gender they feel on a moment's notice they are) and not birth sex.

This is the Obama definition of equality and equitability in the public school system. It's insane. It's disgusting. It's horrific.

It's the final straw. And we don't have to settle for it. We can tell them to stick it where the sun don't shine.

Inappropriate sentence, you say? Yeah. But contrasted to the actions of this administration, appropriate application.

So are you ready for true change, real change, for you, your children & your family as a whole? 

I've never done anything like this. I don't know what to do. I need help!

Help is on the way. You are not alone. There are millions of parents who want to do something but don't know where to turn. We are here to provide the assistance you need. Thank God you are here.

We know the number one reason you want to remove your child(ren) out of the public schools and place them in a private or Christian school but think you are unable to do so is because you feel you can't afford it. Then there are those of you who want to remove them and put them in a homeschool environment but feel you don't know how to get started and that you aren't intelligent enough to teach them.

We got your back. We got you covered.

For those of you who want to put your child into an alternative school to the public school system, we need you to complete the following form. Your information is safeguarded with us and will not be released to anyone without your permission. We will, however, release a portion of this information to an alternative school that expresses a willingness to accommodate your sons and/or daughters. The purpose of this page and the schools page is to bring parties together. We cannot guarantee placement because we cannot guarantee any criteria requested by parents of a non-public school can be accommodated, be in financial, be it moral, be it bussing, etc. The purpose of this website is to connect non-public schools with would be applicants and to home schoolers with home school advocates and resources, like the Home School Legal Defense Network .

In order to facilitate the process of placement, the form must be filled out in its entirety, except for the optional areas. Incomplete forms will NOT be processed. We anticipate a heavy turnout of information and we are very serious about our mission. We do not want to exclude anyone but it is unfair to those who took the time to provide the information that we have to sift thru forms that don't contain the info needed.

Thank you for your cooperation.

If Previous Answer is YES, Are You Requesting Financial Assistance?
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Please Detail any Specific Needs or Disabilities your Child or Children may have (Food Allergies, Autism, Behavior Issues, etc.) Specify by Child, Age & Needs
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If so, please state the name of the school and connection
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