8/2/16  I apologize to all who have read this page (and site) but have not seen it updated. I have put operations on hold until I can secure an assistant as there is way too much work here for one person. If you are interested in this position, contact me at the e-mail address below and provide a brief synopsis as to why you feel you are the one to be my right handed person. Thank you & God bless.

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Because it's now no longer an option

This is a page I don't exactly relish putting together (If you haven't noticed, the "leave tip" is inactive so don't feel compelled to give - yet - LOL). Seriously, I am uneasy about asking for money, even more so in this Obama economy. Unfortunately, this is an enormous undertaking so with that comes enormous costs. Yet at the same time I am keenly aware that many folks reading this are strapped. I get it. However, it is my hope and prayer if all of us with a little discretionary income tuck in just a little, a heckuva lot will get done.

What are our costs, you say? Well, they are not all exactly "ours" but for some basic answers, here is the lion's share list of needs:

  1. A mass mailing across the country to every private and parochial school to invite to participate. Note when we say "every", we realize some schools will be lost in the shuffle. Plus we will exclude those with a history of being liberal indoctrination centers. In other words, schools that cannot be differentiated in curricula and content from a liberal urban public school. It is inevitable that some will slip thru the cracks. However, those that do slip thru (as well as those who don't) will be asked to us submit a summary of their doctrinal beliefs (if a religious school) and a general philosophy of pedagogy (the science of teaching). Those which we feel may swing too far to the left will likely be excluded from participation. But in summary, we will need substantial funds for mailings to these schools. Thankfully, the folks at Exodus Mandate are graciously providing their list of schools to us.

  2. Because one of our key projects here is matching schools with parents seeking to place their children in a non-public school, we will be accepting funds on behalf of benefactors and others for those parents who want an alternative school but either don't have the means for tuition or who may have limited or incomplete funds. Some of those benefactors will be schools themselves that either may be willing to provide funds for needy parents or else reduce their tuition for a certain student. Schools will have the option of doing so directly or donating money to Exit Public Schools (EPS) and having us be the clearinghouse. This is a key component of what we are doing.

  3. We will also be embarking on an online advertising project whereby we will put banner and other ads on Christian and conservative websites (maybe others) to broadcast the EPS project and bring in a source of funds for the parents in need as well as costs we incur in the course of our efforts. We want to get our message out as broadly and widely as possible.

  4. If funds are substantial, we will consider investing a portion of them by mailing churches that we feel may well be interested in participating with us. These will include churches known to have or be associated with certain Christian schools and politically conservative denominations, like most Baptist denominations and Assemblies of God. Traditionally liberal ones like the United Church of Christ, Presbyterian USA & Episcopal will likely be excluded, though we feel most of these liberal denominations are unlikely to have ties to specific schools anyway. However, because of the enormity of numbers of churches across America, this is potentially a gargantuan project and as such, we will probably invest in such a mailing if funds and help here are substantial.

  5. Plus EPS has our own costs we must assume, one of them being hiring an assistant to sift thru all the people, schools and other entities contacting us to participate in our unique project. We will have website costs to consider, like excessive bandwidth, though we have word from our web host that this should not be a problem. While we are a bit skeptical (though hopeful) that the results we hope and pray we get will actually occur, we must prepare for a huge response to what we are doing. We think our project will get a ton of hits on the Internet and as a result burgeoning interest. The Obama Administration & Lynch Mob Justice Dept. put children and parents on notice of being exposed to risks of sexual assault and perversion so EPS is stepping up to the plate to deplete the nation's public school system. It must be done. And if God is with us, it will succeed. And the enemies of the Lord like Obama & Lynch shall be ashamed.

  6. We will be posting how to donate to us within the next few days. Contact us at info@exitpublicschools.com if you have any questions, concerns or comments in the meantime. We will get to them as soon as we possibly can. Thanks for your patience!