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Because it's now no longer an option
The left used to say we should do it (whatever it was) for the children. They were right. Now we must.

The sicko Obama Administration thinks it's OK for males to use female bathrooms (and vice versa), be it in the public schools, or for that matter, anywhere. It's past time to say HELL NO! 97 Pennsylvania House Republicans concur with us. Click here to read what they said.

here to read how the venerable and normally mild mannered Dr. James Dobson torched and excoriated the morally bankrupt and conscience seared Obama ( I Tim. 4:1-2 ) on his evil executive order.   

Dear Visitors:

The Obama Administration and its attorney general Loretta Lynch have thrown down the gauntlet in telling parents of public school children and the children themselves that they must be willing to share bathrooms, locker rooms and other public areas where an expression of intimacy exists or may exist with a member of the opposite sex. This is not only wrong and thoroughly immoral, it is insane on so many fronts. Unfortunately, while this may be an unprecedented trendsetter for the nation, it started in California a mere three years ago after other measures of sexually explicit leftist legislation passed its leftist legislature over the years, starting with the Grey Davis Administration. It's just that now Obama & Lynch have decided California is the standard bearer for America, despite the FACT Congress has done nothing to change existent statutory law.

It now means parents have to put their children at risk in the public school system and perhaps worry each time their girls (or possibly boys) use the bathroom or locker room. They have to deal with a fear factor that someone of the opposite sex (misguided child, transsexual, "transitioning" teacher or other school official) may be in that particular area on a given moment with sinister motives on their minds. California parents have had to deal with this as well as parents (perhaps on a lesser level) in certain other leftist states. They've had to deal with public officials who are told homosexuality, the lethal gay lifestyle and same sex marriage are good, affirming such in classroom sessions as well as in after school clubs, opposition to it and this whole agenda is bad. Now, no thanks to Obama & Lynch, opposition to transsexuals and this lifestyle is bigoted. Bad enough. Now, again, with no authority of Congress, these two intellectual halfwits and this wicked administration want to enforce their thinking with the weight of the law, sending letters to public schools across America that refusal to capitulate may result in fines, lawsuits, loss of funding (which Congress controls, not Obama) or perhaps even arrests.

Enough of this Brave New World Communism! It's once and for all time for ALL parents to have an option besides the public school. You have no choice now, especially if you love your children. You tolerated (that is if you are a parent who generally believes in Judeo-Christian values) the promotion of homosexuality, abortion, evolution and Islam without dissent or discussion. You cannot tolerate this. No parent can or should. Even atheist parents should be alarmed at the Obama decree.

Texas Lt. Governor Dan Patrick stated after it was announced Obama would issue his (illegal) order "this will be the beginning of the end of the public school system as well know it."

If we have our way and God blesses this enormous effort, we will see to it.

The public school system is no longer salvageable, not even in districts where conservative values exist among both parents and school officials and where this agenda is fiercely opposed. Seriously, no public restroom in any school is safe. Heck, no public bathroom in an entity (hotel, motel, business, office, retailer, restaurant) is safe for anyone, particularly women. We may deal with this to a degree in due course but the primary concentration right now and the goal of this website is this:


In the next few days (possibly weeks), we will attempt to gather the names of all non-public schools in America and try to match parents and schools. We will work to put resources in the hands of parents who want to put a child into a religious or private school but lack the financial wherewithal to do so. Parents who want to homeschool but feel helpless in doing so because of seeming lack of knowledge or experience, no problem. We'll try hooking you up with the resources you need. 

In short, if you are serious about this, we are serious about helping you. We are not under the illusion that we will be able to help every single parent out there (though we will try) but we sure as heck will do our darndest to ensure, as former President Bush used to say, that no child is left behind. The fact of the matter is you as a parent (or grandparent or guardian, as the case may be) really have no choice now. It's too risky to return your kids to the public school in the fall. It may be dangerous. Heck, God forbid but it may be lethal. If anything, it may be a blessing that the Obama/Lynch authoritarian decree occurred as some school districts were done for the school year or are winding down to the end.

It's time for revolution to take place across America. This is its watershed moment. Parents, we are here for you. As the father of an autistic son, I know what some of you are facing. This crap is spreading and yes, it even hits close to home, occurring in a school my son had attended a couple short years ago. So if you think this transsexual agenda and kids using the bathroom opposite their birth agenda won't hit you because you're in a conservative district, think again. 

This is not to undermine or in any way take away from the efforts of venerable organizations like Exodus Mandate (which has graciously offered us an extensive school and parent list to kick start this operation) that have sought for years to get our children out of the public schools. This is going to be a major expansion of that effort as we match schools with parents. This is going to be a Herculean effort. But with this effort, we seek to obtain Herculean results. We will, by God's awesome power, send a stern message that the Obama message towards our children is being thoroughly repudiated.

We hope to have more information up in the days to come. Meanwhile, if you are parent of a public school children wanting to be matched up with an alternative school or an official of a non-public school wanting to accept enrollment of exiting public school students (and their parents), please read the information below and e-mail me with the details requested.

Again, this is America's watershed moment. If we don't repudiate the Obama/Lynch message with our actions, I fear we will permanently be in spiritual and more exile. God help us if this occurs. This nation's moral compass is on life support.

Churches and synagogues, particularly those holding Judeo-Christian principles and directly connected to a non-public school, your voices MUST be heard like never before. If you are silent in full face of this unprecedented assault on America and its long established moral values, then all I can say is God have mercy on you. America needs your collective voice now!

Help is on its way. Do your part, America, we'll do ours. God bless.

The Administrator

P.S. This website is not currently fully operational as you will know if you click the menu items at the top of the page. We are keenly aware of this and will be working to ensure it is fully functional by early June. Any questions or comments should be directed to info@exitpublicschools.com. We will attempt to answer them within 24-48 hours, though initially there is the possibility it may take a little longer. Please be patient as this effort is a major undertaking. God bless.

P.S.S. Our Facebook & Twitter feeds are up & running at www.facebook.com/exitpublicschools, twitter.com/exitpubschools

P.S.S.S. Though this website's focus is getting America's kids out of public schools due to the bathroom issue, transsexuality and homosexuality, may I recommend that every business that wants to cater to the Obama Administration in the same light be boycotted. I refer to Target, Macy's, the YMCA (in Washington state) and all others seeking to allow men in women's bathrooms (or vice versa, as the case may be). Here is a link you may wish to follow.

  1. Parents
    If you are a parent or guardian of a child going into elementary, middle or high school this fall and wish to be matched with a private, parochial or home school, please e-mail us at info@exitpublicschools.com, put PARENTS in the Subject line, and give us your name, the name of your child(ren), ages, city & state and whether you prefer a private, parochial or home school. We will eventually have a form you can fill out but for now, kindly provide this info for us by e-mail to us and we'll get back to you in 24-48 hours. Thank you!
  2. School Officials
    If you are a private or parochial school official who wants to open up your school to public school students, please give us your name, your school name, your title, how many students your school can accommodate, what grades your school accepts, tuition costs and send it to info@exitpublicschools.com. Put SCHOOLS in the Subject line. We will soon have a form you can fill out with the details but for now, e-mail us the above info and anything else you feel we must know and we will respond in 24-48 hours.
6/1/16 We plan to soon have a support center up for parents and non-public school officials alike. Bookmark this site and return for updates. We have much to do to get this site fully operational and up to speed. Time is of the essence. Meanwhile, please spread the word of this effort. Thanks for your support of this noble cause.


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